Within this article i want to sharing knowledge when i’m working at My Company (ISP) as NOC (Network Operation Center). In my jobdesk i am required to be able to coordinate with customer and carrier (ISP), cooperate, and troubleshoot the problem. But actually often do coordination with the customer and carrier to solve the problem.

When we start working with do coordination with customer and the carrier, we must do approach dan manner, like how to speel, how to calm the customer,etc.

The following is the point that must exist in the customer service:

1 Understanding Quality Service and Service Culture
2 Key Elements of Quality Service
3 Key Skills for Quality Customer Service

For the description about point above, i will explain the following:

1. What is Quality:

The word “Quality” represents the properties of products and/or services that are valued by the customer.

Quality service is the process of consistently communicating to every customer – whether it is an internal customer or external customer – that are valued by customer, and their satisfaction is paramount to your organization. When the customer is satisfied about the way customer service is handled, they are most likely to become loyal customers and generate income. Bad quality customer service, on the other hand, is certain to drive even the most loyal customer away, taking even his friends and family with him.

2. Key Elements of Quality Service

Reliability :The ability to provide what was promised, dependably, and accurately.
Responsiveness : The willingness to help customers and provide prompt services.
Assurance : The knowledge and courtesy of employees, and their ability to convey trust and confidence.
Empathy : The degree of caring and individual attention provided to customers.
Tangible : The physical facilities and equipment and the appearance of personnel.

3. Key Skills for Quality Customer Service

What You Should Know ?

Performing Excellent Communication with Customers/Partners

– Verbal Communication with Customer

– Plan your message
– Greet customer warmly and friendly
– Be specific
– Use proper language
– Solicit customer feedback and participation

Effective Communication with Partner

– Routine Operational Communication
– Communication between shifts
– Performance reporting
– Communication in projects
– Communication related to changes
– Communication related to exceptions
– Communication related to emergencies

– Non-Verbal Communication with Customer / Partner

– Listening Skills

Listening is the ability to understand what others say and why they have to say it.

– Focus on the speaker and listen actively
– Show willingness to listen
– Make eye contact
– Avoid interrupting
– Ask questions and try to see the other person’s point of view
– Show empathy
– Be patient when you don’t understand
– Express your point-of-view and make a conscious choice about your response

Customer Focused Behaviour

How to Speak Effectively on the Telephone

– Greetings and identifying yourself
– Try not to keep a caller on hold for a long time.
– Try to solve the problem within the call time
– Be patient and listen to what the customer is saying
– Conduct follow up calls to customer
– Ask if this is a good time for you to be calling when you reach someone. If not, ask when you can reach his/her again.
– Be as direct and friendly as possible if you proceed. Remember that customers are busy as you are.
Close the conversation with a professional closing, such as “Thank you” , or “Have a Good-day”

– Try to sound genuinely interested in what the caller has to say, and use his/her name whenever you can to personalize the call.
– Smile when you talk to someone on the phone – it will show up in your voice.
– Avoid acting rushed, even if you are. If you’re so stressed that you can’t handle the call well, let’s share the responsibilities with others as indeed we need to work as a team.
– Avoid being a pest when making calls. Call often enough to follow up, but not so often that you appear desperate for the business

Thats all my knowledge about that. I hope this article useful for readers. 🙂