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Transmission Media

In network communication work can not be separated from transmission media, that all make communication and connected between all network equipment to arround the world. Actually in transmission media divided into two kind:

1. Conducted or guided media
Use a conductor such as a wire or a fiber optic cable to move the signal from sender to receiver.

2. Wireless or unguided media
use radio waves of different frequencies and do not need a wire or cable conductor to transmit signals.

The following is description about two kind transmission media above:


How To Manage Customer Service

Within this article i want to sharing knowledge when i’m working at My Company (ISP) as NOC (Network Operation Center). In my jobdesk i am required to be able to coordinate with customer and carrier (ISP), cooperate, and troubleshoot the problem. But actually often do coordination with the customer and carrier to solve the problem.

When we start working with do coordination with customer and the carrier, we must do approach dan manner, like how to speel, how to calm the customer,etc.

The following is the point that must exist in the customer service: